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Your Body Deserves This...

Posted by Lewis Pitchford on
Natch Essentials. Natural Body care ritual. Natural Body Wash and Moisturiser

Your body deserves the same treatment as your face.

Most of us are guilty of it. Our face gets all the extra special attention with considered skin treatments, daily hydrating, facials and spoilt with the best products in your skincare repertoire. We get it, you want your money maker to always be looking its softest, smoothest and most supple, but why not treat your body like your face?

Our bodies are commonly overlooked or get little attention in our daily personal care rituals. The skin on our bodies is the first defence against the outside elements, absorbs pollution, gets fried from UV rays, sweats, gets pounded by exercise and work on the daily which dries it out and leaves us susceptible to ageing. It is too important to be forgotten.

Here’s a quick body nourishing daily ritual (for the boys too) using our Natural Body Duo.

Natch Essential Natural Body Wash and Moisturiser

Scrub off the day -

Start with removing the hardworking dry and scaly skin with a quick body exfoliation. Removing this rough skin at night allows the skin on your body time to replenish during sleep and ensures it will be smooth once again, without interruption. Although this can be super quick, ensure you are using a scrub that maintains a rough enough profile when massaging onto your body to really get into the dead and flaky skin. If using a glove (we recommend Biome Bodecare Sisal Exfoliating Glove), keep water to a minimum so you don’t wash out that all-important rough texture required for best results. Of course, we recommend an all-natural scrub and your neck upwards should not be included in your body ritual.

Wash away the day -

Say bon voyage to that dry flaky skin with our natural body wash. Generously pump a dollop into a natural loofah (we recommend Eco Tools Natural Loofah) to get a luxurious lather and massage mindfully across your entire body ensuring loose dead skin is fully removed. It will become almost as relaxing as that last 10 minutes of yoga and leave your skin beautifully soft and fragranced.

(Attn: If you use a loofah, please keep it all-natural, biodegradable and replace often).

Nourish the night -

Once you are scrubbed and washed, towel dry your body but leave your skin slightly damp when you apply our natural body moisturiser. Your skin will slurp it up and it will penetrate deeply now that that dirty dead skin is no more. Your skin will be deeply nourished, hydrated and smelling out of this world with our signature scent. Reapply just before bed on any stubbornly dry or rough patches and our natural moisturiser will go to work overnight for super soft skin.   

We guarantee this quick and simple daily routine will become a no-brainer when you can't stop rubbing yourself all over once you get that brand new soft skin feeling.

Make treating your body like your face a daily personal care ritual, naturally. It deserves it.

Natural Personal Care is an Essential.

Our Natural Body Duo includes the 500ML natural body wash and moisturiser.

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