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Natch Note: How I Use

Us Poms haven't grown up in the same climate as you sunkissed Aussies. We shiver our way through 9 months of the year wistfully watching the likes of Neighbours and Home and Away whilst wearing our UGG boots and long johns dreaming of the land down under. And then, for two or three hopeful weeks of 'Summer' we dare to bare our pasty limbs whilst the rest of the time is an awkward in-between and ever optimistic season. 

I recently told my Husband and fellow co-founder Adam that when I was a pup I drove a convertible which in hindsight was entirely pointless but I'd be fortunate enough to have the roof down for a few days of the year. I would of course have the heaters blasting hot air on my nippy toes and fingers. He thought this was hilarious, I thought it was normal. 

So you guys have the weather and idyllic beach'y upbringing. But we grew up sun smart during our 2 to 4 weeks of the year where we'd venture to warmer climes for our annual holidays. Meanwhile, I still come across Australians who do not take SPF to the beach. WTF is that about? 

Much like my journey with transitioning from chemical deodorants to their natural alternatives, I did the exact same thing with SPF, albeit several years later. I tried a few and hated the white coating it left on my skin. No one wants to be Casper on a Bondi beach full of tanned babes. Around the same time as we launched Natch Essentials, a friend of a friend launched Mother SPF. We watched intently as Tandy brought her creation into the world and a little idea kept lurking in the back of our minds that we should collaborate given our similar ethos and love of the au natural products. 

We did exactly that, collaborate. We've put together the Summer Essentials box which gives you a $25+ saving. Here's how I use mine... 


I eagerly tried Mother SPF slathering it on my English skin mentally preparing for the 30+ degree day that lay ahead of me and despite her telling me a little goes a long way, I've been conditioned to use alot of the chemical versions. Again, much like Natural Deodorant, you do not need to apply much so although the price point is higher because the ingredients are superior, the actual product will last you far longer than the commercial equivalents. 

Natural products do feel and appear to be thicker because they don't have chemicals to dilute them. Once I'd figured out the right amount, I loved the lack of smell (no fake fragrance here folks) and not feeling guilty going into the ocean covered in SPF, because it is of course reef-friendly. 

Natch Essentials Body Cleanse

Post-beach we head home, I'm usually a dishevelled version of myself. My already curly hair is now part-dreadlocks, my face looks like a patchwork quilt thanks to my adversity to the sun and I swear I'm approximately 5kg heavier or puffier. Like a blow fish. It's the heat I tell you. 

The first thing I do when I get home with salty, sandy and downright parched skin is I have to remove every trace like it never happened. Into the shower I go, lathering at least two pumps of our Body Cleanse and scrubbing my dehydrated skin. I've mentioned this before but our range smells like Summer. Truly. So the uplifting scent of Mandarin combined with the grounding scent of Cedarwood (and several other key essential oils) leaves me feeling fresh, invigorated and uplifted. 

Natch Essentials Body Balm

After the shower I pat my skin dry, NO RUBBING. I repeat NO RUBBING. Look, I've already put my largest organ through scorching heat, salty water and now scrubbed it silly. Now we need to take it easy. I leave my legs and arms a little damp knowing that damp skin soaks up product far better. Our Body Balm is fresh out of the fridge. That's right, the fridge. The home of the essentials; oat milk, tonic water for my afternoon G & T, face mist and Natch Essentials Body Balm. This is not a plug, this is the raw truth. The sensation of the chilled Body Balm on my battered skin is something straight out of the movies. You know that feeling you get when you watch a rom com like Notting Hill or Pretty Woman? That lovely fuzzy feeling? It's like that. Relief, happiness. So I smother myself in a generous layer of cool Body Balm, faff around for a few minutes usually attempting to detangle my mane and applying Rosehip Oil to my face by which time I'm dry and ready to dress. 

So that my friends, is how I use the Summer Essentials Box. If you wish to give it a go yourself with a saving of $25+ , OR you know a beach babe who would appreciate such a thoughtful gift, head here to read the details.

Don't forget that all products come in their cotton bags which are super handy for your personal items. I leave mother spf in her own bag and I use the Natch Essentials bag for my airpods, phone and keys so I can find them quickly and easily and so they don't get sandy. The box also contains a retro postcard (remember those?!) for you to send to a loved one who could do with abit of snail mail that doesn't involve forking over money. 

Any questions? Reach out 

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