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Get To Know: Aloe Vera Juice

Posted by Carmelle Russell on
Get To Know: Aloe Vera Juice

Remember when it was trendy to drink Aloe Vera Juice? These days it's celery and there may have even been a charcoal phase in-between. Personally, gagging on AVJ is not my vibe but it was one of the first ingredients which came to mind to use in our products.  

I dare say it's the hero ingredient in our Natural Body Cleanse. Here's a brief explanation why:

  • Aloe Vera juice is known for its hydrating qualities, PERFECT for washing your body. Whether you're staying in a hotel or showering at the yoga studio, you can immediately feel when the product available is stripping your skin of moisture. No one likes to feel like a scaley snake, gah! Chances are, it's full of nasty chemicals including fake fragrances ready to zap the water from your skin aka 'trans-epidermal water loss' in scientific speak. 

  • It has been known to neutralise the effects of UV radiation - ideal for your post-beach shower after these hot summers we're experiencing down under. 

  • You've probably heard AVJ is used to treat sunburn so again, timely for your summer showers when you've had an unplanned snooze in the sun. Nek minnit... sunburn city. 

  • AVJ is composed of phytosterols (I can't pronounce that either) which are anti-inflammatory, calming and soothing for itchy skin.
    Salt water, SPF, sand and of course sun can all be irritants to our precious skin so using a gentle but effective natural product to wash it all off without stripping the moisture is vital, in my humble opinion. It is literally the first thing I do when I get home from the beach. 

Needless to say, follow up with a hydrating body lotion such as our Natural Body Balm which carries the same Signature Scent as our Body Cleanse, using subtle amounts of a therapeutic blend of essential oils known to elevate your mood. This will create a layering effect of the natural fragrance and both products have been designed to use with and complement one another. For a cooling treat, leave your Body Balm in the fridge during these Summer months. 

Our Body Cleanse is available;

  1. As an individual product.
  2. In a Duo with the Body Balm (save 15%).
  3. As part of the Summer Essentials box alongside Mother SPF and again the Body Balm to save $25. 

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