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Posted by Carmelle Russell on

Essential oils are a hot topic at the moment. With a dedicated documentary currently trending on Netflix, it shows the weird and wonderful characters who choose essential oils over western medicine, those who have created a billion dollar business from them and those you avoid mentioning an ailment to otherwise you find yourself getting talked into a pyramid scheme. 

The brains behind Natch Essentials dig natural alternatives, believe in the power of nature but also love a little scientific evidence to put our sometimes sceptical minds at ease. With that in mind, you only need to do a quick search on Google to find a wealth of research and evidence on the power of essential oils, how we can use them to alter our mental and emotional state and of course there's also the physical benefits. 

We're using this blog post to highlight one of the essential oils we use in our Signature Scent; Mandarin. 

  • Known for its soft citrus scent, it's mild enough for children and babies, can be used during pregnancy and is actually helpful with morning sickness. 
  • It's often a go-to for scarring and stretch marks. Disclaimer: Gals, we love our Tiger stripes and we're not suggesting you use a product to reduce the appearance of yours. Those old mosquito bites we never left alone however... we wouldn't mind those fading. 
  • The reason we chose to use it in our Signature Scent is because it smells like pure happiness. Literally, it is the scent of cheerfulness and is said to have a beautiful uplifting effect and that's exactly what we wanted for your nasal passage to deliver to your brain during your inhale. 

  • Having said that, it's also considered to be the most calming of essential oils and is used for nervousness, stress and insomnia. Mandarin e.o. can help us to feel safe, soothes a worried mind, uplifts our spirit and infuses a sense of happiness. 

  • Originally native to China, it's now grown throughout the world and has been considered THE essential oil of choice in France for many centuries. Hey, if it's good enough for the French... 

So to summarise, if you're keen to have your nervous system calmed down, your mood lifted and give your circulation and skin a boost then we think you'll love your post-Pilates shower with our Body Cleanse to prepare you for your day ahead. Follow with our Body Balm to benefit from the scent all day long. Craving more frequent opportunities with our Signature Scent? Our Hand Cleanse and Hand Balm will provide you with mindful moments every time you wash and moisturise your mitts. 

If happiness could be bottled into a scent, this would be it. 

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