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Melbourne's Movement Spaces

Posted by Carmelle Russell on
Melbourne's Movement Spaces

Melbourne is world renowned for being home to coffee, laneways, rooftop bars and some of the best events in the world to name just a few. I don't believe it gets enough recognition for its amazing array of movement spaces. 

Aesthetically beautiful, functional and with superbly skilled teachers, some of these studios are architecturally designed to create a space you want to workout in and want to post about. Yep, Melbourne takes its movement seriously. 

(Here) Yoga

If you're looking for a Yoga studio you can walk into and feel like you're at home, this is the one for you. The teachers are consistently fantastic thanks in part to their Yoga Teacher Training programme. The actual space is open, light and airy and as a bonus they have several showers for busy bees. Owner Sarah delivers juicy classes and Senior Teacher Nicky is infamous for his creative flows, but truly all of the teachers are top notch and are allowed to teach exactly what they want. No script here. 

here yoga natch essentials

Happy Melon Pilates

Think of an all white Manhattan style loft space with pops of greenery and you'll envision Happy Melon Pilates Studio. The teachers rarely change which is always a good sign that they're happy teaching there, and they all bring different personalities and levels to the table. Watch out for Steven, he's a toughie. Bess plays the best music and has great energy.

As a bonus, you can get a coffee afterwards in the best kept secret in Armadale, their very own little cafe. With a wide selection of books and magazines on offer, you can take 15 minutes out of your day to just be. 

happy melon natch essentials

Love Athletica Windsor

Upmarket bohemian decor greets you as you arrive, making this the most instagrammable reformer Pilates space in Melbourne. Reformers are brand new, well spaced and the music is always pumping. The teachers are top notch with personal favourites consisting of; Abby for bringing along her own comedy show, Georgia for talking so calmly and smoothly (she's also a Yoga teacher) despite putting you through the ringer and Lydia for being a ray of sunshine. 

love athletica lululemon natch essentials

One Hot Yoga and Pilates

What happens when an architect and a Yoga/Pilates teacher create a space? An architecturally designed mecca for both Yoga and Pilates students alike. Think concrete floors, high ceilings and floor to ceiling mirrors. This space is simply beautiful and Tahlia is their best and longest standing Pilates teacher. 

one hot yoga natch essentials


Walk into the chic all-black industrial warehouse-style space and you immediately realise, Gript is not for the faint-hearted. They live the 'Built not Born' ethos and they do NOT muck around. The expert trainers take building strength, conditioning, nutrition, and overall health and wellbeing very seriously, yielding great results - for both guys and girls. Get your mirror selfie upfront, there will not be another chance. The Gript team are huge on recovery and mindfulness, so take advantage of their infrared sauna and keep the 'I can't walk' at bay.

Award yourself at their Fuel Bar for a recovery smoothie and crawl next door for coffee from the barista extraordinaire, Bayano the Rebel.

Natch Essentials. Melbourne Movement Spots: Gript

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