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The world has gone Hand Sanitiser crazy. Rightfully so of course but your little bottle of antibacterial goodness is multifunctional. Below, I share just some of the many uses for the Natch Essentials Hand Sanitiser. 

I know what you're thinking, this is a sales pitch *eye roll*. It's not I assure you, I'm not that blatant. I'm merely distinguishing between the spritz style Hand Sani's like ours and the gel like formula which you wouldn't be able to use for some of the below. 

Make Up Brushes/Sponges

Give your tools of the trade one or two spritz's of the magical stuff to kill bacteria. One of the most common causes for blocked pores is dirty make up brushes and sponges. 


Take your stylish bottle of germ-killer to the studio (if they ever re-open for our Melbournian pals) and spritz your equipment before and after class. Every studio has their own preferences as to how they're managing the C-word. One of the studios I have visited recently ask that you're the last person to touch the equipment before class begins. Now of course they supply convenient sanitiser but given ours is scented with Lemon Myrtle and Cedarwood, I personally prefer my Pilates ball, hand weights, reformer bed or mat to smell divine whilst I'm sweating away. 

The uniform of 2020: Activewear

Speaking of sweating, it can make your kit smell a little untoward, no? It occurs when sweat meets bacteria/clothing/air. So once you're home, peel off your lululemon's and spritz a couple of times to not only kill the bacteria but also that subtle hint of Lemon Myrtle neutralises odour. 

Take a breath

Depending on which state you live in, the 'new norm' is weird. Face masks and gloves can feel stifling and there is an air of sensitivity about, emotions are heightened and something as mundane as going to the supermarket has become stressful. I've witnessed people get visibly and audibly upset about the lack of space their neighbour has given them whilst others dare not make eye contact with their fellow shopper for fear of contracting a deadly disease.

Once you get back into the safety of your car and have taken off your claustrophobic face mask, spritz your hands as usual ensuring they're fully sanitised before bringing your hands toward your face and taking a moment to deeply inhale the scent of these incredible essential oils. Take three! That person waiting for your park? They can wait a few more seconds. 

Besides being known for its anti-viral properties, Lemon Myrtle is also known for reducing stress and uplifting your mood. 

We paired it with another of our Signature Scent essential oils, Cedarwood because it's also known for being anti-fungal, antiseptic and all of the other anti's we need right now! Imagine Cedarwood to be a top protector of any harmful bacteria we're exposed to.
Added to that, it's a grounding and calming essential oil so again it's working to bring down your cortisol levels and take you out of that dreaded fight or flight mode we've lived in practically all year. 

Do you live in Melbourne? Or are you buying a gift for someone who does? We'll send a free Hand Sanitiser with any order to a Victorian postcode. Pop one into your basket and use the discount code MELBOURNE at checkout. 

Our Natch Essentials Hand Sanitiser is made with love in small batches in Sydney,  costing $14 with Free Shipping. And they smell delicious! Read our reviews here. 

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