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Our Favourite Sydney Swimming Spots

Posted by Carmelle Russell on
Our Favourite Sydney Swimming Spots

Sydney is iconic for its beaches, Bondi Rescue and the world's largest natural harbour. It's fair to say we are spoilt for choice when it comes to swimming spots. Two of the Natch team are lucky to call it home at the moment and so with Summer here we thought it useful to share our favourite beaches. One in particular has long-term Sydney siders asking 'where's that?' having never heard of it.

We'll keep it short and sweet and select our top 4:

Camp Cove

If you haven't sat under a striped umbrella sipping a rosé at Watson's Bay Boutique Hotel, have you even visited Sydney? But there is more to this quaint area than a watering hole. Camp Cove is tucked away beyond windy streets with instagrammable homes and has the most photogenic kiosk where you can get fresh orange juice and snacks. Fool your followers into thinking you've made it across the pond and landed in Sardinia. If you're going on a weekend, prepare to be patient when finding a park or better yet get the ferry in for a scenic start to your beach day. Needless to say, a sundowner at the aforementioned Watson's Bay Hotel is a must. 

camp cove aquabumps

Wylie's Baths

This spot is straight out of the 70's. For $10 you can pitch up at a stunning natural pool sheltered from the big finned boys that lurk beneath the surface. With so much space for ocean frolicks, incredible views and plenty of free parking we love this Coogee gem. I'm putting it out there, the most refreshing water in the Eastern Suburbs. 

Try their jaffles, order about 20 minutes before hunger comes your way, there is always a queue. 

wylies aquabumps

Lady Martins

This is the one that has many a swimmer baffled as to the location. Our neighbouring suburb Point Piper is filled with McMansions but also hosts a tiny public beach which very much feels private. Despite its size, we've never not gotten a spot and oftentimes we're the only people on there. Check the tide because if it's high, there won't be any beach to get on. I made and learned from that mistake. For dog owners, it's supposed to be on lead only but we've never seen a pooch wearing his collar here. This is one we frequent on Sunday's and swim as a family, cute hey? Take a swim far enough out to turn around and look at some of the most outrageous homes you'll ever see including a former Prime Ministers who can regularly be spotted in his kayak. 

lady martins beach

Bronte Baths

This is the spot to watch sunrise and all swimmers of all abilities are spoilt for choice; avoiding the waves? You've got the protection of the rock pool or the calm bogey hole. Like a bit of rufty tufty? You can get thrown around by jumping off the side of the pool or running straight into the ocean from the beach like a maniac. Expect to pay for parking and there are plenty of cafés nearby.

bronte aquabumps

So there you have it, our top 4 spots for a swim in Sydney. To be honest, every time we visit a new one we claim it's our new favourite but these ones keep us coming back for more. 

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