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Hayley Fogarty is seemingly an overnight success in Sydney.
Having moved states in early 2020, and opening her skin clinic shortly after, she now has 10 week waiting lists just 12 months later. 

What we rarely hear about with overnight successes are the years of preparation, the uncontrollables that go wrong (hey, COVID!) and the hard graft that goes into the back end of the business. 

Put your phone on silent and sit back to read Hayley's open and honest answers with an oat milk matcha latte with a little honey, Solstice Skin style. 

Hayley the Corneotherapist.

Q) Hayley, tell us why you got into such a profession, how you got started and your journey to where you’re at now.

I started my naturopathic degree whilst living in Perth and completed my first 2 years there. I then moved to Melbourne and worked in a naturopathic skin clinic where I learned all about Corneotherapy. I was fortunate enough to get lots of experience treating skin conditions in a holistic way combining externals and internals. I moved to Sydney beginning of 2020 with my partner and I opened my own naturopathic skin clinic based in Bondi. It was a bumpy beginning opening right before covid and having to shut my doors for 3.5 months. I have been operating since June 2020 and have been so grateful for the incredible support I've received so far! 

Q) Being a successful Corneotherapist involves building a brand and being business-savvy. We’d love to know of any lessons, mistakes or advice you've learned and would pass on to someone else wanting to get started in business.

My passion for what I do has contributed greatly to the success of my business. I really feel like my personal and brand's DNA aligns and I think that authenticity resonates with people. I believe the tide is changing in the beauty world and people are wanting a more in depth, holistic approach to treating skin too. 
Lesson 1: Don't open your business in a pandemic ha! In saying that it gave me a few months to really develop the back end of my business and I was jumping out of my skin to get hands on again when I reopened. 
I think not being afraid of making mistakes is so important too. This is how you develop your systems and continually keep improving your business. Always be open to feedback too and work out areas that aren't your forte within running a business and get professional help where needed. 
I am also someone who follows and trusts my intuition implicitly when it comes to decision making. If I am unsure about something I make sure I go somewhere quiet and listen to what my body is telling me, it hasn't let me down so far. 

Following your instinct and delegating are two tips that keep coming up from this interview series!
Q) As well as being a fountain of knowledge on all things skin, another part of your offering involves massage, talking, listening and energy expenditure, can you talk about that in more depth?

This is a fantastic question. I am so lucky I get to incorporate so many levels of healing for my clients. I get to use my science-y brain to assist the physical presentations of skin and internal health but I am also there to listen to what my clients are going through on an emotional level as well. Skin is such a visual organ that it can play a huge role in a clients self esteem and confidence. I offer energetic facials too and there is always an energetic exchange when you are touching people. The first 6 months of my business I was doing 12 hour days, 6 days a week seeing clients and I had a mini burnout. I realised it's not a sprint but a marathon and reduced my hours so I can give 100% to each client. I have also implemented some rituals into my day in between clients to help slow down, ground and protect myself.  It's important I get time in my week for myself which is usually Sunday afternoons -  having a bath, cooking, reading a book or being in nature. Ocean swims are like a palate cleanser for me. 

Mental Health, Routine and Rituals

Q) How is your Mental Health doing at the moment?
This is always a work in progress. I am working on staying grounded and centred this year even when things get busy. I have found daily meditation has been helping a lot. I make sure I take a week off every few months to recharge and let the dust settle in my mind and to reflect and forward plan. If I am eating and sleeping well and exercising this has a big impact on my mental health. I am currently doing an 8 week mind training program with @_leonardwoolf_ he's amazing! 

We've previously linked to Mr Woolf (and indeed Solstice Skin!) in this blog post here!
Q) Share with us your morning routine - what sets you up for the day?
I usually wake between 6-6:30am and try to do some form of exercise whether it be running, yoga or cycle. Other days I sleep in till 7am. I then do my meditation and usually have oats for breakfast and then spend at least 10 minutes patting my dog or taking him to the park ha. He's very cute and very distracting. 

Q) Do you have any favourite personal care rituals that you physically or mentally benefit from?

I have a bath once a week and use @rosatempleproducts bath salts  - they are divine as are their body oils! When I'm having a day where I feel down or lacking in confidence I blast powerful female anthems through my headphones and it gives me confidence boost. Works like a treat ha. 
Reading before bed instead of watching tv or being on my phone is something I am trying to implement more of. Being in nature, yoga, infrared sauna and getting a massage also helps too! 

Natural Products

Q) We're huge advocates of what you put onto your body is as important as what you put into your body with about 80% of products you use being absorbed into your bloodstream. What are your thoughts on natural products?

Correct! Your skin is like a sponge and will absorb the good stuff AND the bad stuff. Our bodies are nature and work with the natural law!  
I will say be careful of greenwashing marketing. Some products use 'natural' in their marketing but may only be using some natural ingredients and the rest toxic or synthetic ingredients. 
It's best to read the back of the label and if you don't understand an ingredient then google it to check if it's safe :) 


Q) Finally, we'd love to know your plans for 2021! 

I am excited for 2021 and building the Solstice Skin team (there will be 5 of us by April). We are looking to move into a bigger clinic space soon as well. I am looking forward to continuing to help as many people with their skin and health as possible so they can become the highest versions of themselves. 
My partner and I will also be planning our wedding for 2022 and I'm excited to explore NSW a bit more! 

If you want to experience what all the fuss is about, book into Solstice Skin here. Those outside of NSW can follow Hayley's journey here. 

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