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Jess Holsman aka Study With Jess is the kind of woman parents would love their teenage daughters to turn into; beautiful, intelligent, ambitious yet grounded and incredibly kind. With over 420,000 subscribers on YouTube alone, we were interested to find out about her life and career amongst the many other hats she wears. As always, grab a brew and settle down for ten minutes with Jess.

Q) Jess, introduce yourself to the Natch community...
For those who don't know me, my name is Jess Holsman - better known as 'Study With Jess' and I'm an author, YouTube content creator, influencer and entrepreneur! My background is in psychology and after graduating from my post grad diploma, I started my productivity and wellness channel 'Study With Jess' and began designing a range of study planners which is now known as Educationery, my stationery line.
Aside from all things work, I love to spend time with my hubby Adam and our gorgeous pup Winston. I've also been practicing yoga for 7 years now and began taking classes in uni to help me manage the stress that comes with student life. 

Q) So you like to keep busy then! You've forged a successful career on YouTube and in particular with high school students, tell us why you got into such a profession, how you got started and your journey to where you’re at now.

I started my channel because I wanted to be that go-to source of support for teens and young adults that I never had as a student. I love being a positive role model for young people and sharing my tips and advice for navigating life's challenges. I also love that social media and entrepreneur life has allowed me to help millions of people around the world and to do it in a way that's authentically me. 
It's funny to think that as someone who had a 10 year plan in place, all of that would change so drastically once I graduated from university! I always thought I'd be a clinical psychologist, but it seems life had another idea in mind for me.  Since then, I've worked on multiple web series with Screen Australia and Google, had the opportunity to collaborate with global brands whose values align with mine, and even released my first book, 'The High School Survival Guide'!

Q) You're a perfect example of pivoting, even when there is a 10 year plan in place! Being a successful YouTuber involves building a brand and being business-savvy. We’d love to know of any lessons, mistakes or advice you've learned and would pass on to someone else wanting to get started in business.

Patience, perseverance and teamwork. 
Social media is an incredible platform for having a global impact but building that online community takes time. We are too often falsely led to believe that our content should be going viral and that if it doesn't, we're doing something wrong. It's important not to compare your work and success to that of someone else's, because that's their journey, not yours. I wish I would have been able to practice more patience in the beginning of my career journey and trusted a little more in the process. I've realised that as long as you are focusing on creating content that gives real value to your audience and that you're releasing it regularly and consistently across your platforms, the right people will find you and over time you can nurture those relationships. 
It can be difficult in the beginning when you're first starting out and it's just you juggling multiple hats, but hang in there because there will also be a time when you're able to delegate and collaborate. Soon after I was able to delegate the filming and editing process and collaborate with other like minded creatives, I did. One of my best decisions was to hire a videographer and editor to help me create high quality and impact driver content for my community. It's helped me stress less, reduce the likelihood of burnout and also be more creative with my work.  

Q) We agree, delegation is key! We simply can't do it all, all of the time.
As well as being a fountain of knowledge on studying, another part of your offering involves public speaking and writing. Do both of these areas come naturally to you or are they areas you continuously work on? 

I love the writing process and this does seem to come quite naturally to me. I actually find it really cathartic! 
The public speaking on the other hand can be a bit more of a challenge. While I find it a lot more comfortable to get in front of a camera and just start talking, getting up in front of an audience to speak is more daunting. You can't do multiple takes or edit out mistakes when there are real sets of eyes on you but I try my best to remember the reason I'm up there talking and focus on the mission. Sometimes when I film, I can have the occasional 'off' day as well. In these moments, I just take a deep breath and say to myself "I'm here to share whatever it is that others need to hear" and trust in something bigger than me. 
Mental Health, Routine and Rituals

Q) How is your Mental Health doing at the moment?
Mentally I am feeling pretty good but physically I have been feeling more tired and noticing my body needs more rest and longer hours of sleep lately. I think that 2020 and my busy life these past couple months has left me feeling quite tired, so I'm trying to honor that by doing more meditation and yin yoga classes, rather than pushing myself to be super active. 

Q) Share with us your morning routine - what sets you up for the day?

I love this question! Morning routines are so important and I believe it can impact our mental wellbeing and overall productivity. I start my day by doing my morning skincare routine. I love doing this first thing because it's an immediate act of self care (all natural and vegan friendly products of course!) and it also helps me to wake up. Then it's usually tea and 5 minutes of gratitude journaling, followed by puppy pats and playtime with Winston my dog. After that, I make some breakfast (almond butter on buckwheat toast), get dressed and head to a yoga class, before driving to the co-working office space for a few hours during the week.

Q) Do you have any favourite personal care rituals that you physically or mentally benefit from?
I'd say my skincare routine, yoga and the act of now taking off Tuesdays just for me. 

Natural Products

Q) We're huge advocates of what you put onto your body is as important as what you put into your body with about 80% of products you use being absorbed into your bloodstream. What are your thoughts on natural products? We already know you love our Lip Serum and Hand Sanitiser!

The more natural the better and that goes for skincare, makeup, cleaning products, foods and all! I also try to use products that minimise landfill and come in recycled packaging. While I'm not perfect in this area, I try to use natural products wherever possible. Natural is better for our bodies and the environment.  


Q) Finally, we'd love to know your plans for 2021!
My husband and I just bought our first home so we are currently planning the renovation and repairs! I think my community can expect a lot more organisation and decor focused content for the coming months haha! I'm also working on a few other projects at the moment which I'll be sharing more about on my accounts very soon. Other than that, my focus is to just enjoy life. 2020 emphasised the importance of  slowing down and making the most of family time.
Can't get enough of Jess? Follow her on instagram here.

You can also find her popular YouTube channel here, and her beautiful website here.

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