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NATCH FOCUS: Taliah Lowry, The Bower

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Natch Essentials - The Bower
Byron Bay holds a soft spot in our hearts and we have always had a particular affinity with The Bower. When in Byron, all of us founders at Natch Essentials enjoy staying at this premium yet down to earth and just down-right-cool boutique hotel.
Earlier this year we joined forces with Byron Beach Abodes, the brand that boasts The Bower in amongst it's jaw-dropping portfolio, to be part of the 'Welcome Back to Byron' offer. To celebrate re-opening their doors to guests after a forced hiatus, we were invited to collaborate with not only the creative team at BBA but a long list of other influential Australian brands that took part to welcome guests 'home'.
Meticulously designed with a laidback elegance which makes The Bower feel like home, we wanted to know more... So we spoke with Taliah Lowry, one of the Founders and Creative Director behind The Bower. Prior to the recent sale of The Bower, we chatted life, business, inspiration, creativity and of course personal care. 

Without further adieu, the ever-inspiring Taliah...

Where are you from originally, when did you move to Byron Bay and what do you value and cherish most about the beautiful town?
Born in Bali on the beach in Legian (hippy parents 😂). Came to Byron when I was a few months old, so Byron is where I’m originally from. However I had a very gypsy crazy childhood so traveled a lot and lived in India, NZ, Hawaii, California and then ended up doing most of my early schooling in Seattle. All while coming back and forth to Byron to visit my dad. I officially moved back when I was about 16 years old and have been here ever since. 
I have loved seeing the changes in Byron over the last 40 years! Honestly it’s been so interesting to see it evolve and change so dramatically over the years. There will always be a magic about Byron, it has such a strong history and has a very eclectic mix of community. I have travelled all over the world and honestly I don’t think there is a more beautiful place than Byron with its gorgeous beaches, rainforest, waterfalls, and rolling hills. No doubt nature plays a big part in what I personally value and cherish about Byron. 
Tell us about your life and passions prior to launching your first BBA property. When was the moment you decided to have a change in your career/life path and begin the development of The Cottage?
My passion pre BBA was travel. I was a little lost in not knowing what my purpose was in life,  I have always loved interiors, architecture and design. 
I was two weeks away from moving to Melbourne to study interior design (20 years ago) when I met my husband and then ended up staying in Byron and having 3 kids.
BBA evolved from there... the cottage being our first abode. 
Natch Essentials - The Bower
Are you the sole driving force behind the very recognisable BBA design direction and aesthetic that flows throughout your locations? 
I did it mostly all on my own up until we designed The Bower. The Bower was a much bigger project than I had ever done before so I had an incredible team to help turn my vision into reality. 
I have always bounced my ideas with my dear friend, Kate Sacks who would also help me source things in the early years as I was juggling kids, business and needed help sourcing fabrics, furniture etc. She was an integral part in the early years and introduced me to many suppliers and helped me gain my confidence to believe in my visions and go for it. 

Since entering the business world, what have been the biggest learning curves or mistakes you have learned most from?  
That’s why we are selling The Bower 😜 
Always Trust your instincts and do not follow trends. Doesn’t matter what others are doing...Believe in yourself! Risks equal big rewards . 
What does your daily personal care ritual look like? Inside and out… 
We just built a traditional sauna in our home, The Lodge. 
I use it every morning and afternoon with cold plunge dips in the pool in between. 
This has been the most amazing ritual for my mind and body and over all well being inside and out.

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