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Switching to Natural Deodorant. What to Expect.

Posted by Lewis Pitchford on
Natch Essentials. Natural Deodorant, what to expect. natural skincare

We see this all too often… (picture this) a cluey punter who is super health and wellbeing savvy and cares about the ingredients in their skincare products. A smart consumer who wants to switch it up, go all-natural and leads in with ditching the antiperspirant deodorant for a natural alternative, only to become disenchanted because they haven’t been given the down-low on what to expect and changes in the body when starting with natural deo. 

At Natch, our mission is to make natural deodorant the only option. We don’t want any flash-in-the-pan relationships. We want you to fall in love with chemical-free options so we are playing cupid and spreading nothin’ but love on nat deo.  

We get a huge amount of questions about our natural deodorant so here's some answers to our most common queries and what you need to know when you dive in, armpit first, and make the  perspiration-inducing switch into the glorious world of natty deo… 

Firstly, what is the difference between natural and conventional (chemical) deodorant? 

The body is designed to sweat and this is critical in regulating temperature to keep you from melting down and overheating which regularly occurs in the absence of sweat. In short, your typical antiperspirant deo contains a long list of filthy little nasties like aluminium and butane which have one job, to stop sweat exiting your body by clogging your pores (oooh, how unnatural!).

Now, natural deo gives your body the freedom to function as evolution intended, allowing perspiration to occur but actually works to neutralise the smell generated by bacteria when sweating and masks any odours that may occur. There is anecdotal evidence to suggest ill-health effects related to long-term use of antiperspirant deodorants, but we are not into the blame game here, we just know natural trumps chemical every time.

The natural deodorant switch is more than a one-night stand. It's a journey.

For so many, the choice to embrace natty deo is a simple one but so often the transition is not what they expected. The most critical piece of advice that anyone making the switch needs to know - this is going to be a journey. Not super long, but a journey nonetheless! You need to have an open mind and be willing to stick it out for at least 4-weeks (or less) so your body can detoxify and transition to this sudden change.

What happens when you switch to natural deodorant?

Antiperspirant deo has been engineered to clog your pits in the a.m and dupe you into thinking you aren't sweating, meaning you apply only once a day and you're clear all day. Once you switch, you might find that you are reapplying a couple of times a day (depending on your body) as your pits are free to function properly and perspiration is occurring.

I know, I know... you're asking 'this isn't working! How could it be making me sweat more??!' but this is just part of the transition period and the body is detoxifying as you wean off those nasty chemicals. I won't lie, there may be times where you might be a little uncomfy, and some fleeting moments of embarrassing sweatiness in public but once you push through and allow your body to adjust, you'll be so happy you did! 

Being clued-up and knowing what to expect before you switch means you can take control and the transition is not only easier but it will be a whole lot quicker.

What to look for in a natural deodorant?

Nat deo has been somewhat of an ugly stepsister until recently. It has had the perception of being something that doesn't work as it should, until now. Educated consumers and technology advancements have resulted in natural personal care products across the board becoming the real deal, none more so than nat deo. Make sure you look for ingredients with antibacterial qualities as these are the odour fighting and bacteria squashing weapons. Look for a deo with a soothing base ingredient such as Shea Butter and Coconut Oil as it is gentle on the pits, especially for razor burn. Best tip here - flip to the back of product and if the list looks like a Harvard Business School essay that could be a different language, put it down and slowly step away from that cheeky little deo.

We are here to help you on your natural deodorant journey.

We hope this clears up any queries you might have and clears the path for you to make that switch to natty deo, if you haven't already done so. Hit us up anytime if you have any queries or would like to talk more about the benefits of natural deodorant.

Natch Essentials. Natural Deodorant, what to expect. natural skincare

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