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Natural v Non-Natural Deodorant

Posted by Carmelle Russell on
Natural v Non-Natural Deodorant

The world of personal care products can be daunting. The lingo alone can leave a grown woman (or man) baffled as to what they're buying and whether it's good for them. One of our goals with Natch Essentials is to educate so that you can make an informed choice when it comes to your body and what you're putting on and in it.

Let's start by distinguishing between the deodorants on offer; 

  1. Antiperspirants. Classed as a drug by the FDA, antiperspirants use aluminium to stop you from sweating, a natural bodily function. 
  2. Deodorants don't usually contain aluminium but do use a plethora of chemicals to mask your body odour. 
  3. Natural Deodorants use minimal, clean ingredients sourced from Mother Nature herself to absorb sweat and neutralise odour in a gentle way. 

Let's dive deeper and get more into the nitty gritty...

Non-natural deodorants and antiperspirants prevent sweat from leaving your body.

A cocktail of chemicals are used to block your sweat glands, preventing toxins from being released. Your body is then forced to hold onto toxins which can turn into inflammation.

Natch Deodorant allow toxins to leave your body via sweat.

You’re supposed to sweat, it’s how your body cools itself down and how your body rids itself of toxins. We’ve been conditioned to think of sweating as a bad and embarrassing function but much like going to the bathroom, it’s completely necessary and when we interfere with nature, we often have to deal with the consequences eventually.


Non-natural deodorants use harsh chemicals.

Ingredients such as aluminium, butane and propane are included in your daily products. Some of which are also used in BBQ gas bottles and cigarette lighters.

Natch Deodorant uses natural components.

You’ll find some of the Earth’s finest ingredients in our deodorant including coconut oil, candelila wax and kaolin (clay). These ingredients work in harmony to absorb any sweat immediately, draw out impurities, kill bacteria and neutralise odour.


Non-natural deodorants use another set of chemicals to create a fake fragrance which you’ve chosen because you want to smell ‘floral’ or ‘fresh’. Over 1/3 of Australian’s react to these fake fragrances.

Natch Deodorant use essential oils or extracts to create a natural fragrance. Ours is coconut and vanilla.

Natural v Non-Natural


Non-natural deodorants have been linked to diseases such as cancer and alzeihmers because of the aforementioned inflammation that is stored in your body when your sweat glands are blocked.

Natch Deodorant isn’t linked to anything naughty or nasty.


Non-natural deodorants can lead you to smelling worse in the long-run.

The build up of sweat and toxins that your body isn’t able to release also includes good bacteria which is no longer able to fend off bad bacteria.

Natch Deodorant keeps you smelling fresh.

Sweat doesn’t actually smell; it’s just salt and water. Body odour comes from sweat that meets bad bacteria. Thankfully our deodorant contains an array of natural ingredients which fights bad bacteria.

Natural v Non-Natural Deodorant


Non-natural deodorant contributes to the worryingly high number of chemicals an average woman is exposed to in 24 hours; 515.

Natch Deodorant contains just 14 natural ingredients from Mother Nature.

Still on the fence? We guarantee a full refund if you aren't satisfied with our Natch Deodorant.
We're also here to answer any other questions you may have; drop us a line at

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