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Sydney's Wellness Scene

Posted by Carmelle Russell on
Sydney's Wellness Scene

I lived in Melbourne for eight years and for seven of those I taught Yoga. I was therefore familiar with regularly having conversations with my fellow teachers and students about various holistic practices. But not so much with my pals who weren't into Yoga. It's almost like I lived in two worlds and would dance between them. 

Then I got to Sydney. Regardless of occupation, everyone has a therapist, kinesiologist, reiki healer and/or acupuncturist in their phone ready to share with you. Every third store front is a Yoga, Pilates or Barre studio otherwise it's a gym or other type of wellness space.

Basically, I have found my people. There is a never ending stream of individuals ready to discuss how their energy is and who is working on it for them. 

Having spent the last six months throwing my money at every self-care or healing method out there, I truly feel qualified to share my top places with you so you can spend yours wisely. 

nimbus co natch essentials

Nimbus Co 

I've loved being in a sauna since I was 16 - there was one in the ladies changing rooms at the Health and Racquet Club I was a member of. Since then I have found myself surrounded by naked Germans in the Canary Islands (true story) and most recently avoiding conversations on Brexit at my local traditional sauna. It's fair to say saunas have come a long way in the 18 years I've been using them. 

These days, there is such a thing as an infrared sauna. These offer a different way of raising your internal body temperature, whilst enjoying complete privacy in your own room. In addition to this, LED lights penetrate your skin with a rainbow of colours depending on which benefit you want on that particular day. 

Muscle recovery, detoxification and weight loss are just some of the many benefits but personally, I go for the mental health aspect. I find it beautifully relaxing to be in complete stillness and silence for 45 minutes. I turn off all of the lights except the LED panel, often opting for red for inflammation or blue because it's calming, and zone out. Kind of like a 45 minute meditation. For those occasions where I'm more antsy they have an iPad in each room which you can use to listen to Spotify, watch Netflix or YouTube. If I'm really busy, I plan our instas in there or respond to emails. 

Expect: to sweat. Seems obvious but you sweat after you leave, for about 15 or so minutes. 

For more information on the in's and out's of infrared saunas, visit Nimbus Co's website here.

solstice skin natch essentials

Solstice Skin

Owner Hayley should insure her hands for $1 million. She has the touch of an angel and offers a deeply holistic facial using a variety of natural lotions and potions. This is more of an experience than your run of the mill facial. I'll keep this one brief and let her work do the talking. 

Expect: long waitlists. Book as far in advance as you can to avoid disappointment. 

To read more about Solstice Skin's offerings, head here.

the calmm natch essentials

The Calmm

Everyone should have a massage with Jessie at least once in their lifetime. I had been told by multiple people that a massage with her was 'more than just a massage'. I didn't question it as I wasn't exactly sure what they meant (you never know in this day and age) but went along to my appointment with an open mind and a sore body. Personable and warm, she uses premium oil and essential oils to lull you into a relaxed state. Not your average masseuse, she puts her heart and soul into your energetic experience. I left feeling like something deeper had shifted, not just my muscles. 

Expect: a beautiful relaxing experience with calm energy. Leave feeling utterly relaxed.

To read more about The Calmm, head here.

mr woolf energy medicine natch essentials

Mr Woolf Energy Medicine

Leonard is a master meditator, mind trainer and reiki healer. Go see him if you feel you need to re-write your story or any part of it. If your mind doesn't feel like it's in the right state for whatever reason, he can help. I experienced shifts in my mindset and re-wrote a part of my story several weeks after seeing him, based on his offering. 

Expect: to feel weird afterwards. In a good way. Then expect some serious mind-shifts to go on. Amazing. 

To read more about Mr Woolf and learn about his various offerings, head here.

alexis hamer natch essentials

Alexis Hamer Wellness Practitioner

We finish on another gifted individual offering Kinesiology and Reiki. It's extremely difficult to explain what they are but if I had to briefly summarise them based purely on my own experiences, I would say they are a form of energy healing. Something you can't physically see but you can feel. 

Expect: to feel mentally and emotionally exhausted afterwards, again in a good way. Then, you feel blissfully lighter and calmer. 

To learn more about Kinesiology and Reiki, head to Alexis' website here.

So there you have it, if you're in Sydney I highly recommend you treat yourself to any of the above experiences. With Valentine's Day looming it's important to note to my single sisters (and brothers) out there that self-care and self-love are two of the essentials you should gift yourself with long before your relationship status changes. Throw yourself into a relationship with the most important beautiful human being; yourself.  

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